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The World Mission Update

Aug 27, 2019

The Great Commission Update -- Stories Of Fulfilling The Great Commission.

Greg Kelley CEO of Wold Mission and Rusty Humphries tell stories of world travel and missionary work.

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Our Mission
World Mission delivers the Word of God in audio format to oral learners living in...

Aug 13, 2019

The Great Commission Update with Greg Kelley from World Mission.  What is the 1040 Window?

On today's episode of the Great Commission Update, Greg Kelley CEO of World Mission and Rusty Humphries discuss the 10/40 Window and why it is so vital to completing Jesus final words.  

Who lives there, why is it important...

Aug 8, 2019

On this edition of The Great Commission Update, Rusty Humphries and Greg Kelley discuss the areas of the world that have never heard a gospel witness.  That population continues to grow as over 60,000 people die daily without their first gospel witness.  Join Rusty Humphries and Greg Kelley as they discuss some of the...