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The World Mission Update

Oct 28, 2021

Living Water - The World Mission Update

Living Water represents the Word of God combined with clean water projects. Learn how World Mission is bringing life-transforming clean water to thousands of people living in physical and spiritual darkness. Can you imagine not having access to clean water and then having to walk...

Oct 14, 2021

Training in the 10/40 Window - The World Mission Update

One of the greatest needs among the unreached is leadership training and development One of the most important elements of taking the gospel where it has never been is the process of raising up leaders.

Christian leaders who are mature in their faith and seasoned...

Oct 6, 2021

Update on Afghanistan - The World Mission Update

Christians in Afghanistan are literally being hunted by the Taliban right now. Join Rusty and Greg as they discuss the realities these precious Christ-followers are facing and how we can help them in their moment of crisis. World Mission is actively getting believers out...