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The World Mission Update

Sep 10, 2021

Refugee Crisis in Afghanistan - The World Mission Update

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Things are changing dramatically in Afghanistan and those who suffer the most are the weak and vulnerable. Rusty and Greg are providing a current update from the field as World Mission has members actively engaged in India, Pakistan, and within Afghanistan. It will take a short-term strategy to address the mounting refugee crisis but also a long-term strategy to share the gospel to those left behind. Most of Afghanistan has never heard the Good News message which needs to be our highest priority as followers of Jesus. Learn how World Mission is addressing immediate physical needs while passionately sharing the gospel message to Afghan refugees and those displaced within the country.

See how Greg Kelley and his team at World Mission are making a difference.

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Our Mission

World Mission delivers the Word of God in audio format to oral learners living in unreached people groups. We believe that it is our responsibility as Christians to follow the Great Commission, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19-20). While it is always our desire to reach everyone, anywhere, we specifically focus our efforts on reaching the Unreached; those throughout the world who have never had the opportunity to hear the gospel and accept Jesus Christ. Core Values Prayerfully led by the Word of God and following the Holy Spirit’s leading, our ultimate objective is to fulfill the Great Commission by seeing the lost develop a meaningful relationship with Christ.

We strive to be focused and disciplined; fulfilling our mission will always receive the best of our time, energy, and resources. We seek to always maintain positive attitudes, building team members up, and never speaking thoughtless words about one another. We believe the gospel is most effectively presented in a holistic context and that national leaders led by the Holy Spirit are the most effective ground laborers to implement our mission and engage unreached peoples.

We welcome volunteers who are led to serve at World Mission and will provide a positive environment for them to use their gifts.